From Behind Slobber-Coated Glass: Window Boxer Dogs

I told Dogs and Literature in a comment that I would post pictures of my window boxers, in response to her post More Window Boxers. Who knew that was a thing? (It wasn’t, really, until she and her boyfriend made it up. But, as she says, now that they’ve made it up, they’re seeing more and more window boxers and continuing to take pictures.)

So here are mine, behind slobber-coated glass (Dogs and Literature amazingly has many without the slobber, but I guess they’re mostly open windows):

Um, why are we in here when you're out there? Hello?

Is there any point in cleaning the storm door? I think not.

A spaniel sneaked into this Window Boxer picture!

Do you have pictures of your doggie in the window? If so, post a comment with a link or email me the picture at I’d love to see them (and I’ll post them too)!

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9 thoughts on “From Behind Slobber-Coated Glass: Window Boxer Dogs

  1. Hi! Great photos – I love your dogs! I realized not having any ‘behind the window’ photo. Usually we are on the same side. Have a wonderful time with your doggies!
    xxx Teje & Nero & the girls

  2. What a couple of cuties! And yes, they always want to be wherever we are, my 1 year old fawn female follows us faithfully around the house, with the most expressive face.

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